The Bitcoin conference of the year,
bear market edition
Riga, Latvia
September 14-15

Very focused and high quality Bitcoin conference. A place to meet great minds of this business. @AlenaSatoshi

Highest quality and most authentic Bitcoin conference I've been to. @nic__carter

Can't wait for the next one! @ToneVays

Baltic Honeybadger is where you go to find both the heart of bitcoin, and the most in-depth discussion about its past, present and future. @theonevortex

Came for the ICOs and was very disappointed @WhalePanda

Speakers and panelists

Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Bitcoin economist & author

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur

Samson Mow

CSO at Blockstream

Oleg Andreev

Protocol Architect at Stellar. Author of Gitbox, CoreBitcoin and BTCRuby

Rodolfo NVK

Founder of Coinkite (Coldcard & Opendime)

Murad Mahmudov

A cryptocurrency analyst and Partner at cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund Adaptive Capital

Stephan Livera

Bitcoin Podcaster

Peter Todd

Applied Cryptography Consultant, Bitcoin engineer

Max Keiser

Co-host of "Keiser Report" on RT, co-founder of Heisenberg Capital

Stacy Herbert

Co-host of "Keiser Report" on RT, co-founder of Heisenberg Capital

Ádám Ficsór

Wasabi Wallet

Nicolas Dorier

BTCPay Server and NBitcoin contributor

Rui Gomes

Lead Software Engineer at OpenNode